Gibson Obtains Directed Verdict On Behalf Of Neurologist

On May 13, 2005, Robert Gibson, Esq. obtained a directed verdict in Supreme Court, Westchester County on behalf of a neurologist involved in the treatment of a patient who had suffered a stroke.

The case revolved around the claim of the patient that the neurologist had failed to dignose and treat her in a timely manner for her cerebrovascular accident (CVA).

Plaintiff’s attorney called on an expert in the specialty of internal medicine to testify against one of the co-defendants and subsequently attempted to extend the expert’s opinion to that of HPM&B’s client. The court ruled against this action due to the fact that the expert had never been disclosed as a witness against the neurologist.

The Court granted Mr. Gibson’s application to dismiss the claims against the client at the close of plaintiff’s case due to a failure on the part of plaintiff to submit a prima facie case against the neurologist.