Defense Verdict in New York County

Michael Sullivan obtained a defense verdict in a Supreme Court, New York County dental malpractice case on August 21, 2015.

Plaintiff was 40 years old when she had seven amalgam fillings changed to composite fillings and had an eighth tooth filled by the defendant in June and July 2007.  Approximately one week after the final treatment, plaintiff developed symptoms of acute temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) which allegedly altered her bite, disrupted her musculature, and caused her permanent pain in and around her jaw, face and head.  She claimed that these injuries were caused by the fillings that were improperly placed and/or improperly adjusted.

Through his client’s testimony and the testimony of two experts, Mr. Sullivan established that the defendant’s dental treatment was properly performed in all respects and plaintiff’s TMD symptoms were caused by other pain syndromes and medical conditions from which plaintiff suffered for many years prior to the defendant’s treatment.

After six days of testimony before the Honorable Joan B. Lobis, the jury rendered its unanimous defense verdict in one hour.