Defense Verdict in Nassau County

Peter DeNoto obtained a defense verdict in Nassau County on December 17, 2014.  Then 52-year-old plaintiff presented to an acclaimed medical center for a hysterectomy after previously undergoing colon resection surgery at a different hospital.  

Both plaintiff and her husband claimed that during the hysterectomy, a gynecologic surgeon and a general surgeon negligently failed to control excessive bleeding, resulting in the application of multiple ligatures without adequate visualization and negligently failed to appreciate trauma to the iliac artery. 

Consequently, plaintiff developed clotting in her left common iliac artery, bilateral pulmonary embolisms, thrombocytopenia, a wound infection, and Clostridium Difficile (“C-diff.”) colitis, which the surgeons, as well as the staff at the medical center failed to timely diagnose and treat.  Plaintiff allegedly had severe neurological impairment in her left lower extremity, characterized by numbness, paralysis, and a foot drop.