Defense Verdict

HPM&B recently obtained a unanimous defense verdict in Supreme Court, Westchester County, on behalf of a major Hospital network on a case that was transferred to our Firm for trial two months earlier. It was alleged that an employed gastroenterologist negligently placed a feeding tube. Plaintiff further claimed that the negligent placement caused the feeding tube to become dislodged which resulted in peritonitis, sepsis, and death. The pre-trial demand was $3.5 million.

During the trial, the defense established that the gastroenterologist placed the feeding tube correctly. Additionally, the defense demonstrated to the jury that the feeding tube worked and functioned properly in the days after it was placed. The defense also proved that the feeding tube dislodgement occurred after the decedent was discharged from the Hospital and was caused by a subsequent provider.

The jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in less than 45 minutes.