Case Discontinuance

HPMB recently obtained another dismissal for their clients, a major teaching hospital in NYC and one of the hospital’s nurse anesthetists. Plaintiff, a dentist, alleged that the defendants caused serious, permanent nerve damage during placement of an intravenous line in preparation of surgery. Plaintiff alleged that this injury affected her ability to practice as a dentist. HPMB moved for summary judgment arguing that her alleged injuries were unrelated to the treatment at issue. Their motion was supported by a renowned neurology expert who explained the results of the plaintiff’s neurological testing in detail and further explained why her alleged injuries were totally unrelated to the treatment at issue. Plaintiff was unable to secure an expert witness to refute HPMB’s position and plaintiff decided to execute a stipulation discontinuing the action. This was a case that our clients discussed possible early resolution, but we recommended continuing to defend the case with the plan to move for summary judgment at the close of discovery. We appreciate the confidence our clients have in us and we were able to secure another fantastic result for them.